Systems Thinking: Practical Techniques for Business Agility: From #BA2020 (Adrian Reed)

The business environment is moving at a rapid pace. More than ever we need the ability to quickly sense and respond to change, and there is increasing focus on enabling agility within organisations.

Achieving agility can be tricky when working in large, seemingly bureaucratic, organisations with a whole legacy of technology, political and process issues that seemingly need resolving. With tricky stakeholders and conflicting perspectives, change initiatives stall and our organisations risk falling behind market and customer expectations. Business analysis is a crucial enabler that plays an important part in overcoming these issues and helping organisations strive towards achieving agility.

As practitioners we can draw techniques and approaches from the world of systems thinking to help us. In this practical session you will hear:
– What systems thinking is, and how it can contribute towards business agility.
– A practical set of systems thinking techniques that have direct applicability for BAs.
– How systems thinking naturally fits with an agile BA mindset.

Presented by Adrian Reed. Connect with Adrian on LinkedIN:

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This presentation was first broadcast during the BA Conference Europe 2020. To find out more about the BA Conference Europe visit

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