Sustaining Change Through Change Networks – Sink or Swim?

Sustaining Change Through Change Networks – Sink or Swim?
Hanna Qadir, Change Director, Maddox Advisory Ltd & Columbia University

Webinar Overview:

Using a focused lens on an area of transformation directly involving those who are at the heart of change – the employees themselves. The talk will explore how to establish a leading coalition of ambassadors from within your organisation to create a ‘Change Network,’ with a goal to both deliver and sustain change. The Change Network will operate as an interconnected system allowing exchange of information, development of professional contacts and relationships and will play a pivotal role in ensuring change is understood and most importantly sticks.

Key takeaways:

• Demonstrate how easy it is to launch a Change Network within your organisation
• Minimal set-up and running costs through leveraging existing employees
• By the end of the talk the audience will understand how their organisation can benefit from this low-cost high-touch vehicle for change
• Cover real life cases of launching both regional and global Change Networks and share lessons learned

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