Success Labs Introduction – Why does Success Lab exist for our Engage Process users? Andy Sandford

At We are Lean and Agile we focus on helping add value for our customers which is why we are introducing Success Labs

Why does Success Lab exist? Why should you engage?
We want you to set up your profile and introduce yourself in the introductions space.

First, our rules are be kind, polite, and respectful. This is a place for debate and challenge but it must in the right way. We are all adults and know how to behave! Any problems use the features in the software to report content or message me direct. This is a private community for Engage Process users. Please do share the link to the joining form

But before you do that let’s start with why and our purpose:

Our purpose is to connect fellow Engage Process users to create a community to solve problems
We will be taking questions and providing answers to problems in the Q&A section to build an easy to search place for answers when you need them
We are collating help videos in the same place to make it easy for you to find answers. We will also add videos from expert speakers we have done sessions with to add more value for you.
We will be holding 2 weekly Success Labs where we will provide free training/coaching sessions that are identified and prioritized by users.
We are also providing a networking lounge and speed networking area that will be open 24/7 for you to meet people at a table and continue the discussion.
We want to provide a place that helps you get more out of Engage and the network of improvers across the UK
Please do contribute and play a part in the community. We want your answers too. If someone asks an Engage question feel free to jump in and do keep an eye on the Ask for help section where community members are looking to talk to people with specific experience.

We will be using Airmeet(click on success lounge link to the left) and Circle for this true virtual community. Please do contribute your success lab ideas in that channel. There are many things we can do with these technologies.

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