Storytelling – How an ex Spotify PM learned to love it

We are proud to present this event about Storytelling with Brendan Marsh!

======= Talk #1: Storytelling – how I learned to love it =======

In this talk, Brendan will talk about the importance of storytelling as a skill for Product Managers to inspire people behind a product strategy. He’ll share his journey from being a tactically-minded Agile PO with a deep skepticism of storytelling, to being responsible for a third of Spotify’s monthly active users and using storytelling to inspire his team and stakeholders behind a big product strategy shift.

About Brendan:
Having recently returned to Australia, Brendan has spent the last 7 years in Sweden, working as an Agile Coach and then Product Manager at Spotify, along with heading up Product for a mental health non-profit startup named 29k. Brendan now teaches, coaches & consults on all things Product, Agile and Org at Organa, a small Agile & Product agency on a mission to modernize business minds.

========== Agenda ==========

6.00 PM: Talks start, followed by Q&A
7.30 PM: Wrapping up

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