Steve Denning: An Agile Management Model

The structures, standards and disciplines of leadership and management may be changing. In these summary remarks made at the November 2014 Drucker Forum, Steve Denning suggests that organizations today already seem to go in one of two ways: The traditional command-and-control paradigm or an emerging and more creative entrepreneurial model.

Since the 1970’s many companies have tried to maintain advantage by doing more with less, whereas the entrepreneurial model involves mustering the ambition to aim forward, invent and produce. The entrepreneurial model is useful in the crowded, dynamic marketplaces of the 21st Century. It’s emphasis on developing and orchestrating internal creativity and nimbleness is a means that many organizations can use to be competitive in that kind of environment.

Denning’s observations are the rationale behind practicing the Improvement Kata pattern; as a way of learning systematic, scientific meta skills that any team can use to navigate uncertainty and meet challenges.

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