Startup Outlook: What’s Currently On The Minds Of Entrepreneurs?

We recently hosted the first episode of a six-part webcast series we’re doing with Silicon Valley Bank. In episode one, Elliot Susel, Lean Startup Co. Faculty Member, spoke with Theron McCollough, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank’s Early Stage Practice about the 2019 Startup Outlook US Report they just released.

You can read the report here:

In Theron and Elliot’s conversation, they discuss:
– The challenges that companies are facing in finding and hiring talent
– The growing number of women in leadership positions
– Why some startups are finding it easier to raise funds
– The most promising new technology sectors

And much, much more…

In 2004, Theron McCollough joined a startup and never looked back. He has remained in the startup space ever since. Now, as the Managing Director of the Early Stage Practice at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), his main job is “just helping startups.” He gets to connect companies and people together and help make the introductions that specifically match with what startup founders are building. “It’s what makes me wake up every day,” Theron says, “and I’m excited to come to work.”

In his role at Silicon Valley Bank, one of the things Theron gets to work on is the Startup Outlook Report they release every year. The 2019 report was just released, and Theron was able to share some insights about what the report says about the startup world right now.

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