Standard Work – 9 Tips to Implement

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9 Tips & Rules to implement Standard Work in your company

1. Final users write it with support of Safety/Process/Quality Specialist

2. It is easy to understand by new employees and expert people (IKEA style)

3. It is very precise, but text is few one

4. Visual photos, videos, sketches are supporting user to consult quickly and preventing jumping process or mistakes

5. Quality and safety risks are underlined, and countermeasures to avoid that are clearly explained

6. Employees are reading standard work before to start any activities for the first time in every single day

7. It is a live document. Employees are reviewing on weekly basis updating and generating ideas about

8. Standard work and adherence is audited on daily basis by each leader

9. Standardization culture is rewarded, and all team watch like solid base to build a Kaizen constitution

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