Software Requirements and Organizational Culture: 10 Lessons Learned Webinar Oct. 10 2017

This presentation describes 10 lessons learned from leading requirements improvement initiatives, including the following:
• A commitment to effective requirements engineering is a hallmark of a healthy software engineering culture.
• Clearly defined business requirements are the foundation of a successful project.
• Taking a usage-centric approach instead of a feature-centric approach during elicitation better meets user needs.
• Customer engagement is a vital contributor to building high-quality software.
• The business analyst plays a central role in understanding and communicating a project’s requirements.
• No single view of the requirements shows you everything you need to know.
• A guiding principle of requirements development is “iterative refinement of detail.”
• Addressing nonfunctional requirements contributes significantly to user satisfaction.

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** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Karl E. Wiegers, Principal Consultant
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