Software Requirements: 7 Critical Success Factors

Those of us who have been writing software for awhile know that if you don’t get the requirements right, it really doesn’t matter how well you execute the rest of the project. But eliciting, analyzing, specifying, validating, and managing requirements is hard, and not everyone understands why it’s so critical. This presentation describes seven critical success factors that will go a long way toward making the requirements activities in your organization pay off for the many project stakeholders.

The success factors are:
• A shared understanding of what requirements are and why we care
• Clearly defined business requirements
• Trained, skilled, and motivated business analysts
• A collaborative partnership with customers
• Rigorous and ongoing requirements prioritization
• Taking an incremental and iterative approach to requirements development
• Anticipating and accommodating change

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Karl E. Wiegers
Principal Consultant
Process Impact

Karl E. Wiegers has provided training and consulting services worldwide on many aspects of software development, management and process improvement. Prior to starting Process Impact in 1997, Karl spent 18 years at Eastman Kodak Company in a variety of roles. Karl is the author of many books including: Software Requirements & More About Software Requirements.

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