SoapBox Featured on NewsWatch Television

New year, new technology for managers. SoapBox featured on NewsWatch Television tech to watch for in 2019 👀

Full transcript below:

What does it take to be a good manager? Well, one vital component is the ability to communicate. And where does most communication happen in the workplace? Meetings. When you have bad meetings, goals are missed and the whole team fails – and you feel like you’ve failed as a manager.

SoapBox is the manager’s sidekick. It’s a central place for meetings with your team.

This software is chock full of great features that help you as a manager to stay organized, have more meaningful conversations and accomplish your goals.

A major part of being a manager is one-on-ones with employees.

Well, SoapBox manages the entire process. You can create agendas, take notes, assign action items and more – all from one place.

Before the meeting, collaborate with your employee on a shared online agenda.

During the meeting, take detailed minutes and assign next steps that you both can access at any time.

After the meeting, leave feeling like you’ve both communicated clearly and efficiently, with detailed notes to keep you on track. An archive of every meeting you’ve ever had ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

SoapBox puts unparalleled organization into your day, making for a more productive team that gets things done.

And because it integrates with Slack, Google and Microsoft Teams, your team can use SoapBox with the tools they’re already using.

And best of all, it’s free! So sign up today by visiting

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