SMED: How to do a Quick Changeover

SMED means Single Minute Exchange of Die. It a way to have a quick changeover. Join our community at

Here the transcript fo the video

SMED is a methodology to reduce the changeover time … in a team.

When you have to switch the production from a product A to a product B there is a need for a “changeover”.

On the other hand, the customers are asking smaller batches and higher frequency.

So, more and more “changeover” is required to satisfy the customer request. Now, what if this changeover takes 4 or 6 hours to be completed?

Here is where SMED comes in!

SMED means: Single Minute Exchange of Die.
In other words: Get a changeover completed in less than 10 minutes

Follow these 6 steps:

#1 – Start with a 5S … it is always a good idea.

#2 – Observe the process and classify each step in:
External Activity – Made with the machine running
Internal Activity – Made with the machine stopped

The best is to make a video and analyze it with the team.

#3 – Try to move all the internal activities into external activities.
Cut and remove waste such as movements, overprocessing etc.

#4 – Reduce the time of internal activities with quick release nuts, multiple connections all in one, etc.

#5 – Reduce the time of the external activities.

#6 – Re-iterate steps 3-4 times during a Kaizen Event.
The more you do changeovers, the more you will have new ideas and learn how to do it better.



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