SmartDraw vs Gliffy for Atlassian Confluence and Jira

SmartDraw is more powerful and easier to use than Gliffy. With SmartDraw you’ll get more built-in symbols and templates and intuitive automation that helps you draw flowchart, network diagrams, and more. You’ll also have robust Visio import and export and integration with Confluence. Learn more:

‘6 Cash Flow Commandments’ You Must Not Break

Most business owners as well as solo entrepreneur recognize all too well the rollercoaster ride of rising and fall income. The “feast or starvation” cycle is practically a cliché.

Bringing Back Engagement at Work

Engagement of individuals in their job is absolutely not what it must be to foster optimal conditions for individuals to fully establish, firms to be really competitive as well as our culture to be healthier. As a matter of fact, disengagement in the United States and also in various other nations is steadily travelling at 70% of the workers. More than 2 thirds of individuals at the workplace are either disengaged or actively disengaged. It is approximated that this state of events is setting you back a mere $370 Billion dollars yearly in lack of efficiency. There are a number of reasons that discuss the circumstance as well as this short article examines the most appropriate. The write-up also shows how these factors can be resolved as well as a few of the right away applicable solutions. Because despite a condition that is deeply rooted, we can take simple activities to beat its development and also transform back the clock.

Are You Making the Most of Your Business Mobile Phones?

There are substantial benefits of smarter means of functioning, which will certainly conserve business huge quantities of money and time. Companies might significantly minimize their overheads, save business valuable time and also produce an extra effective base with which to service their clients.

Three Things That Are Killing Your Productivity

Time administration is a myth however activity monitoring is not. Take an appearance at three fast adjustments you can make to ensure your day is more productive.

Taking Care of the Human Element on the Job

Are your workers working to their potential? Perhaps not – however, perhaps it’s not completely their fault. Discover what you can do as a supervisor to spark a fire in your employees as well as get their devotion.

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