SmartDraw Tip: Using Compact Formatting

Watch this short video on how to use compact formatting to create professional looking charts. Learn more about making compact flowcharts and org charts at

Know How a Linear Stage Contributes to Various Fields

Direct phases are discovered in equipment that deals with areas such as microscopy, width, scanning, examination, laser etc. Choose the best one based upon accuracy, range, accuracy etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Piezo Transducers, Actuators and Piezoresistive Sensors

Piezo actuators can convert electrical energy right into linear movement while giving basically endless resolution. These tools are additionally frequently described as transducers, or translators.

Try Miniature Translation Stage for Precision Positioning

A small translation phase can be utilized in order to achieve precision positioning. You can expect to accomplish a travel variety of 25mm, with a speed of 20 millimeters per secondly.

Hexapods: Steward Gough Platforms, Insects and Robots

The term hexapod is stemmed from the Greek word for six-legs and has actually adapted a variety of different definitions. Insects & Walking Robots – In the pet kingdom, hexapod explains bugs and some various other relevant mini six-legged teams. In the mechanical design globe, hexapod once again has 2 various definitions.

Orange Reminds You To Stay Enthusiastic To Ensure Success

Every emotional energy has a corresponding colour. The colour of interest is orange. Much like orange, it is vitalizing, urging, cheering and absolutely necessary when starting on ventures that will add even more gratification to life.

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