SmartDraw for Enterprise-Grade Diagrams for Confluence and Jira

Adaptavist SmartDraw brings dynamic, intelligent, automated visual collaboration for the Atlassian Stack. Adaptavist SmartDraw for Confluence and Jira allows users to create and update process flows, decision trees, and other diagrams in minutes instead of hours. Includes easy Gliffy import.

SmartDraw enables visual communication across teams of all sizes, and Atlassian’s portfolio of products is the best platform for teams to collaborate and share. knowledge.

3 Tips for Handling Your Email More Effectively

Several clients this week mentioned just how overwhelmed they felt in handling the quantity of e-mail they got daily. One of the customers asked what I thought of the notion of running their email on their laptop computer, while simultaneously functioning on a composing task on their desktop. They thought that perhaps this may be extra effective to go back and forth, so you didn’t need to toggle different screens on the same computer.

Future Proof Your Rugged Tablet PC Investment

Forewarned is forearmed, as the old saying goes. It might be a motto, but it’s still excellent advice when it involves future-proofing your rugged tablet PC investment.

How To Eliminate Procrastination In 5 Out Of The Box Steps

Every person endures from laziness at one factor in their lives or an additional. Factors are many – from not believing that you can accomplish what you lay out to achieve, disliking the jobs that needs to be done to just not caring enough. Whatever the source of procrastination is, making use of several of these out of the box steps can aid you heal it.

Coping With “To Do” Lists

Think it or otherwise, there are methods to make it through those extensive “to do” checklists you produce so you keep in mind all the important things you want to accomplish. You’ve definitely read about prioritizing your jobs, and that’s certainly vital to do (oops! one more “to do” thing) yet it’s more about using your time wisely as well as thinking about 3 alternatives for exactly how you focus on. We’ll cover these and assist you focus so your days are rewarding as well as loaded with a feeling of achievement.

Managing Internal Business Relationships Is Vital For Business

Managing company relationships is critically important when your company has a brand-new project prepared to introduce. You need to have all departments on board heading in the exact same instructions with the same goals. A straightforward survey completed by the people entailed can make sure a speedy verdict to your job.

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