Setting up for programme delivery success – Project Routemap: the UK Government’s guide

Project Routemap – the UK Government’s Guide to setting up for programme delivery success webinar
Tuesday 16 November 2021

Arnab Banerjee, Ben Broglia and Suzana Pramanik

Project Routemap – helping sponsors and clients understand the capabilities needed to set projects up for success. Incorporating learning from major international projects and programmes.

The webinar outlines:

i. The rationale for using Project Routemap – why use the tool? This will describe the origins of Routemap and its development over the years. Also, its current refresh – which makes this an ideal time to present at an APM webinar.

ii. Describe Project Routemap – which consists of seven major modules covering all significant aspects of project delivery. These are Organisational Design and Development, Risk Management, Requirements, Governance, Asset Management, Procurement and Delivery / Execution Strategy.

iii. How it may be used. This would cover the key requirements to deploy Project Routemap and the best timing for optimal use.

iv. Finally, Project Routemap is used internationally, and examples will be given of collaboration and application in various countries.

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