Setting the Stage for Writing Effective Requirements

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DESCRIPTION (lesson 1.1)
Co-author and instructor Tom Hathaway presents an overview including the scope and purpose of the course “Writing Requirements for IT — Simply Put!” and introduces the learning objectives.

In the world of IT, misunderstood, ambiguous, and assumption-laden requirements cause more project failures than any other single factor. A recent study reported that over seventy percent of all IT project failures are blamed on poor requirements.

“Writing Requirements for IT — Simply Put!” gives you a set of 4 simple rules that will make your requirement statements more easily understood by all target audiences. The focus is to increase the “common understanding” between the author of a requirement and the solution providers (e.g., in-house or outsourced IT designers, developers, analysts, and vendors).

To enhance the learning process, the course includes several exercises in each section and provides expert feedback for each exercise.

Upon completion of this course, you can:

• Write requirements that focus on the business need
• Test the relevance of each requirement to ensure that it is in scope for your project
• Create and maintain a question file to reduce the impact of incorrect assumptions
• Minimize the risk of scope creep caused by missed requirements
• Confirm that each audience shares a common understanding of the requirements
• Use our Peer Perception technique to find ambiguous words and phrases that can lead to misunderstandings
• Reduce the ambiguity of a statement by adding context and using standard terms and phrases


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