Routines of Scientific Thinking

This is an odd little video, sorry about that. The idea is that if we can start to recognize the common scientific pattern underlying different concepts, then maybe we can progress to bringing that underlying routine into normal life. Scientific thinking can (and should) be utilized in business, politics, education and everyday life!

The Improvement Kata pattern is similar to many models of the human iterative, creative, scientific process… like systems thinking, critical thinking, learning organization, design thinking, creative thinking, solution focused practice, preferred futuring, skills of inquiry, evidence-based learning and so on. Practicing the pattern of the Improvement Kata is a way of developing scientific skills for improving, adapting and innovating, which can be applied to an infinite number of objectives.

Such foundational scientific skills are well-suited for pursuing many challenging goals, which by their nature involve finding our way along unpredictable paths through a process of discovery and adjustment. We can meet the challenges we face, if we manage ourselves a little differently.

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