Ron Ross on his Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass taking place in London

Ron Ross discusses his seminar: Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass that can be run as an inhouse course for your organisation. Seminar Information is available at:

Do your processes always produce correct and consistent results? If not the problem probably lies with your business rules and decision logic. You need the right techniques to fix these problems – process models, use cases, data models and other analysis techniques just don’t do the job.

Business Rules are criteria used to judge the correctness of business behavior and to make operational business decisions. There is a well-formed, in-depth body of best practices and standards developed over the past decade for this area. These techniques have proven invaluable in improving business processes, developing better business requirements, and creating more agile business solutions. This seminar explains how business rules can be expressed, analyzed, validated, and managed as easily and as quickly as possible.

Decisions are choices made in day-to-day business operations. Such decisions are highly repetitive – they might be taking place hundreds or thousands of times per day, per hour, or even per minute. They are predictable and well-structured in terms of the outcomes they produce. New, highly pragmatic techniques have emerged in just the past several years for top-down decision analysis. The results are ultimately organized into decision tables, a powerful set of techniques all professionals should know.

This hands-on workshop gives you essential tools to help you achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in business capabilities. The result is simpler, smarter process models and a huge boost in business agility. Learn applied techniques from the recognized world leader in the field.

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