Rick van der Lans on BI, Big Data and Analytics Seminar

Rick van der Lans discusses his upcoming seminar: BI, Big Data and Analytics taking place in London 4-5 June & 1-2 December 2015
Seminar Information is available at: http://www.irmuk.co.uk/events/123.cfm

More and more, data is the most competitive asset of an organisation. With the right data at the right time and in the right form, organisations can optimise their performance and business processes, increase customer loyalty and customer care, reduce development costs, and improve the monetization of their data.

The biggest revolution in BI is Big Data. Examples of big data sources are social networks data, images, sensor data, and web data. The managerial challenges for big data are very real. You have to bring structure to big data. You need to find compelling patterns and recommend executives on the implications for products, processes and decisions and use available technologies in a clever way. You must also learn how the existing technologies are affected. Big Data is as all about changing mind-sets and could have payoffs that are bigger than most organisations expect.

The tools available to handle the volume, velocity and variety of big data have improved greatly in recent years. However, these technologies do require skills that are new to many IT departments. Attention to technology isn´t sufficient, but it is always a necessary component of a big data strategy. Therefore, technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, data virtualization, analytical database servers, appliances, embedded BI tools, MapReduce, will be discussed in combination with more existing business intelligence and data warehouse technologies.

The main challenge is to coordinate the development of new business values with the use of available technologies; both new and existing technologies. This seminar and workshop will give you a unique opportunity to see and learn about both sides.

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