Rever – Making Continuous Improvement Actionable for Frontline Employees. Lean Manufacturing Tool

Want to learn more about lean manufacturing and how it can help your business? Rever is a digital continuous improvement system for global, industrial companies. In this video, we explain how our digitized kaizen platform can help your business innovate by:

Executing Kaizen and continuous improvement programs by enabling frontline employees
Driving your digital transformation strategy by leveraging our easy-to-use smartphone app
Engaging employees by supporting them with tools and recognizing their contributions

Rever continuous improvement software is designed for everyone in your company. It’s intuitive and easy to use so that your entire team can adopt it, no matter what their level of experience with computers. It allows you to source and manage new ideas so that you benefit from the collective intelligence of your workforce. By empowering employees to be proactive, they can experiment with solutions and track results, all in one platform.

It can also save time and effort for managers with lean manufacturing responsibilities. It aids team alignment with company goals so that everyone is on the same page and pulling in one direction. Automated reporting and tracking reduce the time spent on administration and complex spreadsheets. The software also includes key metrics to measure performance impact. At a glance, you can see how your continuous improvement efforts are influencing productivity, revenue, and quality.

As an enterprise-grade SAAS platform, it’s ideal for global industrial companies. It ensures security and continuity by capturing all your teams’ best ideas in one place. The software can also boost employee engagement since they can track the adoption of their ideas. Instead of submitting them to a ‘black hole’ suggestion box, staff are empowered to implement trials for themselves. This autonomy and responsibility increase engagement and morale. You can also use Rever to recognize achievement and gamify the process for participants.

Developing a culture of continuous improvement takes time and dedication but software can make the process a lot easier. It simplifies the day to day management so that your people can focus on implementation instead of administration. By capturing and executing new ideas quickly, you’ll soon develop a culture of innovation and creativity. This is a huge competitive advantage in modern business that is made possible by our digital platform.

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