Rethinking AI as a Product feature – A fashion perspective

The advent of AI has brought about a seismic change in not just our daily lives, but entire industry value chains. Companies have been able to successfully leverage AI to move beyond conventional value offerings to more nuanced solutions.

A good example of the same could be how Lenskart, Myntra and Amazon have changed the way we shop online. And while initially, the focus may have been on better tech (including AI) to optimize existing offerings (sales promotions, etc) today, the underlying technology itself has become a product offering.

Infact, firms these days have distinct roles under AI product management. But what exactly is AI product management? How does it differ from the regular PM function?
More importantly, what does a practical PM implementation look like, from ideation to release..

Join us on the 8th of May, at 10:30am as our industry expert Vivek Bharadwaj explores how AI has come to occupy a central role, transitioning from an enabler to a feature in itself, with a specific focus on the fashion industry 🙂

About the speaker:
Vivek Bharadwaj is Director of Product Management at Streamoid. He has extensive product experience in AI in the fashion industry.

Who should attend:
– Existing product folks
– Existing AI product folks
– Tech/Product folks interested in transitioning into AI product space
– CS students exploring opportunities in PM space

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