Responsible Project Management

APM Webinar held on 28 April 2021. Organised by the Thames Valley Branch.

Dr Nigel L Williams
Dr Karen Thompson

Project managers have begun to embrace the concept that they have a responsibility beyond financial value creation for a narrow group of shareholders. This webinar was held on 28 April 2021.

Responsible project management (PM) seeks to encourage project managers (PMs) to create multiple forms of value for stakeholders (human, social and environmental) in addition to financial value. Responsible PMs take ownership for delivery of these types of value and ensure that they enact them in their daily practice in an ethical manner.

In this way, Responsible PM is differentiated from corporate social responsibility which is focused on organisational level representations and processes of enacting societal and community responsibility.

In this session, we discussed the agency of PMs (what is our role and scope of action), the nature of responsibility managed (when should we act?), the extent of PM responsibility (to whom are we responsible/where are we responsible) and activities (what practices can we adopt that deliver our idea of responsibility).


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