Repairing our County in the wake of Storm Desmond

APM webinar, hosted by the Thames Valley Branch on 23 March 2021. Presented by Stephen Hall, David Brown, Ian Rowley and Craig Mitchell.

Repairing Cumbria Bridge-by-Bridge.

Home to the Lake District National Park with over 16 lakes, Cumbria is used to receiving its fair share of rainfall, but in December 2015 that all changed….. The name ‘Desmond’ will be forever etched on the residents of Cumbria. In 24hrs storm Desmond wreaked havoc across Cumbria releasing over 34cm of rain or 1.15trillion litres – a new highest ever record!

As the rain worked its way down the mountains, the watercourses below struggled to discharge this unprecedented level of water. Storm Desmond turned roads into rivers and towns into lakes; it destroyed historic buildings and assets that had stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Put simply, the county was broken and in a state of emergency.

Cumbria County Councils response was rapid, with the formation of its Infrastructure Recovery Programme it set about repairing over 1200+ individual assets. Hear how the Programme coped with assessing the impact to England’s 3rd largest county; the challenges of establishing an integrated programme team; how the programme became an environment where innovation was standard; how the programme brought it’s delivery partners into the challenge through a shared risk approach to procurement and how behaviours played such a crucial role in gluing the programme together.

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