Reimagine project delivery with Oracle Industries Innovation Lab UK

An APM webinar held on 24 March 2022.

Speaker: Geoff Roberts, Director, Global Industry Strategy for Energy and Resources at Oracle Construction and Engineering

Oracle is building the Industries Innovation Lab in the UK to provide a simulated environment to test technologies and solve problems. Find out why it’s a great thing and what it means for you.

Digital transformation is shaping the construction worksite of tomorrow as solutions such as internet of things (IoT), 5G, drones, artificial intelligence, modelling and autonomous vehicles, enable better and smarter ways of working via the cloud.

Given that digital technology is driving rapid change across the project and asset lifecycle, Oracle Construction and Engineering has responded by launching a simulated worksite where customers and partners can explore and test the transformative power of technologies to bolster their digitalisation efforts and stay on the leading edge. It can also help customers with their sustainability journeys by demonstrating carbon reduction strategies, a must, as the world becomes increasingly cognisant about environmental impact.

Now the first European lab is due to open in the UK this year, get all the exclusive insights and previews directly from Oracle when you attend this webinar.

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