Reaching out to Cornwall – Software Cornwall, Agile on the Beach 2019

The Software Cornwall lunchtime talk at Agile On The Beach 2019 looked at what the organisation is endeavouring to achieve for the software industry in Cornwall. By engaging with students in Cornwall, Software Cornwall’s aim is to improve the realisation that careers in the technology industry is a viable choice around them. By offering students opportunities to try coding and meeting professionals their aspirations should be raised.

As a deprived area of the United Kingdom with below average wages there is a greater likelihood that pupils will have lower expectations for their futures. But it is not only the student’s attitudes that need changing. The parents and teaching staff also need to be aware of new opportunities for the children’s futures.

Robert Wiltshire works in the Education Outreach with primary and secondary schools in Cornwall for Software Cornwall. The aim is to raise the profile of the software industry that is available to the students once they leave school. It brings to them a rewarding career, working with top companies that value their staff. Robert is an active digital maker. Tinkering away in his garden shed developing projects around Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Tony Edwards works for Software Cornwall, as part of their multi award winning education outreach programme. Tony’s focus is on enabling young adults to follow their digital dreams through taster sessions, workshops and industry engagement. Outside of this role, Tony is involved with grassroots communities and conferences spanning the entire South West.

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