Rapid Analytics – A visual, live approach to requirements gathering and B analytic development

Most analytics and business intelligence projects fail because the analytics delivered by IT don’t meet the requirements of the business users. Agile analytics or agile BI has been viewed as a potential solution to this problem, but applying agile development methods to traditional analytics and business intelligence design cycles often means getting to the wrong result faster and does not result in an analytic solution that hits the requirements exactly. Live, rapid prototyping used with visual tools takes iterative development to the extreme to uncover the real business requirements in dramatically shorter time by replacing distinct requirements gathering and development stages with a collaborative prototyping stage that involves business users, analysts, and developers and can reduce development time by 90% or more.

In this webinar you will learn about:
· A rapid prototyping technique for live requirements gathering that uncovers the core business requirements for analytics – even when the business users can’t articulate the requirements
· Data management technologies that speed up integration of data from disparate systems and allow you to develop analytics without data-limiting compromises
· How data discovery approaches can help you adapt to changes in business requirements when they occur
· The benefit of visual analytic development tools over traditional tools of convenience, such as Excel and Access
· Analytic tools that are designed for the analytic challenges of dealing with more data, more change, more speed, and more decision makers

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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