RACI Matrix – The Best Way to Organize a Workgroup

RACI Matrix is a cheap and effective tool to organize a workgroup. RACI Matrix works from 5 to 500.000 people. It helps to clarify who does what.

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RACI Matrix Explained

What is RACI Matrix

✏️ Transcript of the Video

The RACI Matrix is ​​tool that serves to assign the roles and responsibilities of a workgroup effectively and efficiently.

▶ RACI stands for:
– Responsible.
– Accountable.
– Consulted.
– Informed.

We will see in detail the meaning of these words.

Deming said: It’s not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best.

▶ The RACI Matrix is ​​the right tool for aligning a workgroup
on the tasks that everyone must perform to achieve a goal.

A working group with clear tasks is more engaged and produces better results.

Let’s start now with the definitions:

1) Responsible

The person who physically does the work is Responsible.

2) Accountable

The person who decides is accountable. In other words, it is the person
that the boss looks for when the activity is not done on time.

A first rule to know is that the accountable cannot be delegated while the responsibility can be delegated by the accountable of a specific task.

3) Consulted

It is the person who must be consulted before proceeding with a task.

4) Informed

He is the person who must be informed when all the activities of a task are completed.

▶ RACI Step by Step

To understand better, let’s create a RACI Matrix Step by Step.

Step 1. Create a matrix with rows and columns.

Step 2. The tasks of a workgroup must be entered as a line header.

Step 3. The roles of the group must be entered as the header of the columns.

Step 4. In each of the boxes the R, A, C, and I must be inserted according to the organization that the group wants to give.

In the description, you will find links to some video examples of RACI MATRIX.

The drafting of the RACI Matrix is ​​a collaborative and iterative process up to the drafting of a shared RACI Matrix.

The Raci Matrix works for a group of 5 people up to an organization of 500,000 people.

▶ RACI Rules

Once the first version of the RACI Matrix has been created, it must be critically reviewed by applying the following rules.

Rule 1. For each task, there can be one and only one accountable.

Rule 2. For each task there cannot be too many responsible, otherwise, the task crashes due to lack of clarity. There must be at least 1 responsible.

Rule 3. For each task, there cannot be too many consulted otherwise the task is blocked due to too many authorizations. Paralysis by Analysis.

Rule 4. The number of consulted and informed must be balanced otherwise the organization will not be sufficiently informed of the progress of the tasks.

▶ Considerations

The RACI matrix must be public, constantly used, revised, and improved. Otherwise, it becomes just a waste of time.

Disciplined use of the RACI Matrix is ​​inexpensive and highly effective.

An example of first use can be done during the “Standardize” phase of the 5S method.

The RACI matrix can be exposed and discussed during the Lean Morning Meeting.

▶ Conclusions

The RACI Matrix is ​​an inexpensive and effective tool for an excellent work organization.

It can be applied to small groups or entire organizations.

It is a tool for active involvement and motivation.

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