Pull System vs Push System – The Only Real Difference

What is the difference between the pull system and push system is explained in this video. Pull is one of the Lean Principle and the benefits are invaluable.

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🔖 Here the Transcript of the video

▶ Difference between Pull and Push

When we talk about “Lean Production” we associate the concept of pull as opposed to the concept of push.

But what is the difference between push and pull.

Furthermore, what are the benefits of a pull production compared to a push production?

▶ Common Misconception

I would like to start this video by removing some possible misunderstandings.


Push = Make to Stock
Pull = Make to Order

it is not correct at all.

It is absolutely possible to produce goods for a warehouse and respect pull production with this.


Push = Central Logistics branches the information
Pull = Information travels at the shopfloor level

this is also not correct at all.

It is absolutely possible that the central logistics is equipped with Electronic Kanban to receive the pull signals of customers and suppliers and therefore give pull signals to production.

▶ So what is the real difference between Push and Pull?

Quoting Hopp and Spearman

A pull production system is one that explicitly limits the amount of work in process that can be in the system. A push production system is one that has no explicit limit on the amount of work in process that can be in the system.

For example, a Kanban system has a maximum number of cards or boxes. This sets the maximum WIP limit that value stream can have.

Another example is when the CONWIP system (CONstant WIP) is used where the maximum number of WIPs that can exist is fixed and no new orders are issued until the WIP level drops below the maximum.


If you have a strong WIP limiting system, you are dealing with a real pull system. If this limit does not exist or is weak, it is a push system.

Is your WIP limited?

▶ The benefits of Pull

The benefits of pull manufacturing are those described in the texts and experiences of lean companies.

Among others:

– Lead Time reduction
– Stock reduction
– Increased quality



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