Promapp webinar: How Process Management Can Make or Break a CRM Implementation USA

Implementing a new CRM system (or migrating from one system to another) can cause chaos. It can be difficult to gain a complete understanding without an end-to-end view. That’s why re-implementations are necessary after failed attempts.

IT Teams tend to focus on features, functions and data security (if you’re lucky) and how to get the settings correct.

The key to a successful implementation is really system process, how the system supports business processes and ultimately, how the system supports business strategy. It’s critical to be able to visualize the Business Process layer (people activities) + the Systems Process Layer (transactions) of an operation. The inter-relation is the secret to a successful implementation.

Watch this webinar with Robi George, Solution Partner at FlowBuilders, where he will highlight important considerations and share best practice recommendations on how to successfully drive system change using implementation as an example..

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