Promapp webinar: Change Management Lessons from the Social Media Revolution

Social Media has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, create and share information, and high levels of engagement mean it has cemented itself permanently in daily life.

On the flip-side, it’s a lack of engagement holding back the success of many business process improvement initiatives. Organizations looking to initiate change management programs could do a lot worse than examine the rise of social media. In fact, that’s exactly what we’ve done. In this webinar, our CEO and founder, Ivan Seselj shares his top 5 lessons from social media for driving higher levels of engagement with process.

Watch the recording to learn:

• Why urgency is a prerequisite for change that needs to be felt by everyone (not just those leading change).
• How to make information about process more helpful and accessible – it’s time to ditch the paper manuals!
• What personalization looks like when it comes to business process management and why it works.
• Why process governance is essential to sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.

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