Promapp Release 4 5 3

What’s new in Promapp release 4.5.3?

Supporting Process Automation
We’ve made it easy to show where automation plays are role in your processes. Activities can now be assigned to systems as well as staff roles. They show with a cog icon in the swimlane and appear as tags on the map view so you can see how they fit into the end-to-end process.

Process Map Improvements
The process map overlays have been clarified with new icons for timeframes, costs and Lean tags. The activity detail pop-up also no longer triggers when you hover over the step. You can click an activity to open them up, but otherwise navigate the map uninterrupted. Finally we’ve also modified the way the mouse pointer appears to indicate when you can click, drag and zoom.

Simplified saving
Promapp now has simple ‘Save’ or ‘Save with Comment’ buttons, and shows how long it’s been since you last saved. When it’s saved you’ll get the option to Publish, Submit for Approval, or simply view the process map.

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