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Communication is a massive topic and good project communication requires a clear strategy and plan that focuses on the audience. It’s important to think about who you’re communicating with, as good communication is as much about listening and responding as it is about what you want to say and tell people.

Successful project communication involves thoughtful information sharing – how much do you need to share? How often should you communicate? Who needs to know?
Creating a communication plan for projects so you know what you need to share and to whom will help you. And this isn’t limited to emails, or phone calls, but also to meetings and informal conversations – planning how you’ll communicate can make it easier to say what you really mean. Remember successful communication is judged by the response you get – the message that people take away from the communication they’ve received. To make sure your communication in projects is excellent, adapting to the circumstances, project and team is vital. Your way of communicating will constantly change as you move through your project.
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