Project Data Analytics: The state of the art and science

APM Planning, Monitoring and Control SIG Conference 2021 – Project controls: but not as we know it

Session title:
Project Data Analytics: The state of the art and science
presented by Naomi Brookes
Tuesday 13 July 2021

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Presentation synopsis:
This presentation gives ‘hot-off-the-press’ feedback on a Delphi research project undertaken by the Project PraxisGroup at WMG, University of Warwick and sponsored by The Oakland Group.

The Delphi involved consulting 25 major infrastructure clients and contractors on their use of PDA and the barriers and enablers that they were encountering.

The presentation reflects on what these finding may mean for organisations seeking to make better use of data analytics in project delivery.

Conference description:
How will Project Data Analytics (PDA) change project controls in the future?

We all know that one of the key elements to successful project delivery is a robust project control system. But while many of these processes are well established, the ability to make maximum use of the resulting data has often proved challenging. But this is changing.

For those involved in project controls in any way, this conference shared the latest practical uses of PDA as well as a glimpse into the future!

The conference provided insight from a range of PDA practitioners as well as feedback from a recent Delphi research study on the topic.

PDA will be key to the profession as we look forwards, make sure you help us shape it to deliver what we really need.

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