Programme Management within Torbay Council’s COVID-19 response and prevention team

APM webinar sponsored by the South Wales and West of England Branch.

Presented by Alan McCoy

What does it take to ensure best practice approaches are embedded in an uncertain environment, with stretched resources?

This webinar looked at how the Public Health team approached this very question during October 2020, one of the busiest times in the COVID-19 pandemic.

This team, full of highly skilled Public Health experts (under the direction of the Director of Public Health for Torbay), managed the levels of cases and outbreaks which had never been seen before, needed a more strategic and consistent approach to gain sight of what the diverse and wide-reaching programme of projects were doing.

The projects included: vaccination, community testing and local enhanced contact tracing, alongside response and prevention activities.

In this webinar, Alan touched on the following;

What governance was put in place?
How did they co-ordinate this emergent programme?
How they worked to be able to flex with the constantly changing landscape and direction?
What does the future look like and what things are being put in place to continue this work?

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