ProductTank Wroclaw: Sharing best practices on building products

From Product Managers to Product Managers – during these times, it’s especially important to talk and share our stories and knowledge.

During this event you would be able to learn about the WHY of product management best practices, meaning where from some of them (e.g. setting and validating hypotheses early or regular meetings with the team) came from? You would be able to hear about the hands on experience of productization of an open source technology and together with Product Manager and Software Developer follow the story of introducing a user-driven approach in their product.

1. Stanisław Plebanek / Product Manager Lean Enterprise Institute Poland
“The WHY of Product Management best practices”
2. Damian Nowak / ONAP Product Owner Nokia
“Productizing open-source”
3. “Paweł Guśpiel i Pawłem Stobiecki / Ocado Technology
“User-driven product development – a life full of surprises”

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