ProductTank Wellington – The Three Pillars of Product Management

So good when locally (NZ) grown talent comes home, bringing with them a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives. So pleased to announce that Vidya Dinamani is in town and will be sharing some of the insights that contributed to her recently published book, Groundwork.

A few words from Vidya…

Are you working on the right priorities? Are you focusing on the most important customer problems? As a long-time product manager, I will be talking about how to bring new products and features to market effectively, including an easy-to-implement framework to help product teams get better at creating great experiences that drive growth.

The talk is based on my recently published book, Groundwork, co-authored with my friend and business partner, Heather Samarin. Groundwork is a philosophy and methodology for product leaders and product teams that focuses on three pillars – Convergent Problem Statement, Actionable Persona and Individualised Needs; along with three practices – Developing Hypotheses, Conducting Scrappy Research and Getting Commitment. Together these support a product manager’s efforts to centre around the most impactful problems, prioritise the right customer needs – and get on the path to create products customers want to buy.

I have over 20 years of experience specialising in business and technology strategy development and product design, development and management. I have held executive positions leading Innovation and Design, Product Management and Marketing at Mitchell International, as well as Director of Customer Experience for TurboTax. More recently I have been an advisor to multiple companies through a partnership with Ad Astra Ventures. I also hold nine U.S. patents for software technology.

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