ProductTank Wellington: 5 Lightning Talks to Inspire and Intrigue

If your attention span is limited and you’re always impatient to hear the punch line, then have we got a show for you!

This month we’re inviting 5 people to share a point of (product) view but not in the rolling, poetic manner of a deeply crafted oration, rather in a pithy, exquisitely well made point, delivered in just 5 minutes!

Our speaker line up is…

Natalie Fergusson – Why You Should be Unique in a World of Copycats
Lora Vardarova – Embrace the Chaos
Tokes – Never say No, Ever!
Gregory Gould – Launch Early and Learn
Martin White – I Don’t Want to Hear About Your MVP!

We’ll follow this up with an opportunity to ask the speakers to explain themselves in the style of a panel. Simply ask your question in the comments section on YouTube.

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