ProductTank Tauranga – Async Work: the Runn way

Ever wonder what is it like to work fully remotely and asynchronously? What does it do to yours and the organisation’s productivity when you have less meetings and you can work the time you prefer rather than being bound by a 9-5 schedule?

Runn is a resource planning and forecasting software company ( that is founded in New Zealand but it has a globally distributed team and is fully remote from day 1.

Runn challenges the boundaries of what is possible for asynchronous work. It allows employees to work the hours that suit them as much as possible, whether they prefer working evenings, or on Sundays, or go for a surf in the middle of the day. It also has standardised transparent pay so everyone knows everyone’s pay.

Felipe Skroski, the Co-Founder and CPO of Runn, will go through:
– Runn’s vision of the future of work
– the problems with meetings and why they kill productivity
– the benefits of async collaboration
– the toolkit for async collaboration

You wouldn’t want to miss this presentation if you want to know how to be more productive and attract the best global talent because of async work.

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