ProductTank Sydney: Evangelising the Product Mindset – think like a product person in 30 mins

We are proud to present this event with Sandra Davey ​about getting your board, C-Suite and other non-Product colleagues think like a product person!

======= Talk #1: Evangelising the product mindset – think like a product person in 30 mins =======

Everyone in your company has customers and problems to solve so wouldn’t it be great if your business colleagues and mates thought with a product-mindset as well.

Applying product-led thinking can help the business improve the value they deliver to their customers, plus it could help them better understand how us product folk think and work.

Come learn a quick and easy way to teach product thinking.

If people work in other parts of the business, this simple technique helps them become more product-led and if you’re a product person, it’s a simple reminder of the core tenets of how great product folk think and act.

Come alone, or bring your business mates along as well.

About Sandra:
Over the last 25 years, across more than 35 digital (hardware and software, B2C and B2B) products, Sandy developed a deep love of digital product management, Agile ways of working, and a deep respect for the value product-led thinking brings to organisations. As a product coach with Organa, she draws on this experience to help people, teams, and leaders improve the value of what they create for customers, markets and the business.

========== Agenda ==========

6.00 PM: Talks start, followed by Q&A
7.30 PM: Wrapping up

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