ProductTank Stockholm: World Product Day 2020

Welcome to World Product Day (, a day to raise awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people! Starting in Wellington, New Zealand, spanning 43+ countries, and culminate across the West Coast of North America 20 hours later.

In Stockholm, we’ll focus on what’s on everyone’s mind, COVID-19. More specifically how we’ve needed to adapt our businesses and products to the change in demand.

We have four great speakers that will come at this from different angles:

• Petra Klein, the Chief Information Security Officer at Swedbank – Petra will talk about cybersecurity and the human perspective (with focus on the increased remote access and the new threat and risk landscape with so many people working from home)

• Francesca Cortesi, CPO at Hemnet – How we built online showings in a week and what a pandemic can teach us

• Erel Sherman, CPO at MatHem – Lessons on controversial decisions in times of crisis

• David Almström from VOI – Changing Focuses when everything change. How to adapt the Product Strategy to the new normal.

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