ProductTank Sofia: Why the Financial Times changed its ‘north star’ metric to Lifetime Value

A short description of the talk:

As one of the world’s leading news organisations and a pioneer in building a digital subscription model, in 2019 the Financial Times reached a record one million paying readers a year ahead of schedule.

The FT’s Chief Product Officer John Kundert and Product Director Momchil Marinov are joining us to share why after achieving this milestone, the FT proceeded to redefine its ‘north star’ metric, the way it operates, and what this meant for the Product Managers in the company.

About the speakers:

John Kundert is Chief Product Officer at the Financial Times. John leads FT’s product organisation of 80 people, and is responsible for leading the product strategy across the FT Group. He has a rich history in data and delivering value to the customer through his understanding of data. Prior to his current role, John was the Chief Technology Officer at the FT, where he drove excellence based on principles of: purpose, ownership, empowerment, belonging and culture.

Momchil Marinov is the Director of Product for FT Core and Acquisition. He joined Financial Times in October 2018 and in his current role he is responsible for setting the product direction for FT Core and FT’s Acquire Mission. A big part of Momchil’s experience prior to joining the FT was with data and B2B products, and he has held a number of product management roles, including Head of Product at Experian.

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