ProductTank Sofia: Think big while making small decisions: аligning products with company strategy

A short description of the talk:

What part of the customer experience is directly influenced by your product? How does it tie in with strategic goals?

We’ll talk about Zalando’s Logistics tech products and the challenges faced when prioritizing in line with the company’s long-term strategic direction.

We’ll discuss:
– working on “internal” products: direct users vs. end customers
– organizational changes driven by the software architecture
– defining the right areas of product responsibility to maximize value
– shared responsibilities and working cross-functionally with Business Development, Operational Excellence, and Innovation/Planning teams.

Zalando has set an ambitious course towards becoming the leading e-commerce fashion platform in Europe (currently serving 17 markets). Scaling efficiently while continuously offering comparatively better convenience is the main challenge for the Logistics teams. Working on products in the company’s proprietary Warehouse Management System poses both tactical and strategic challenges for the WMS Product teams. While migrating a landscape of processes to a microservice architecture, the team balances timelines for new greenfield warehouse ramp-ups with internal changes and reorganization.

About the Speaker:

Mariya works at Zalando’s WMS department for more than 2.5 years, assembling and leading a small team of PMs working on the system’s Core infrastructure services and Overarching tools. She’s inspired to work on process-heavy products and design sustainably for the future.

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