ProductTank Sofia: Growing and managing infrequent products + AMA session

Infrequently used products – those in which user transactions occur less frequently than once in three months – are inherently difficult to build and grow. To make matters worse, companies often have limited visibility into whether or not users of their infrequent products close their transactions or not. This means that product leaders need to consider how to deal with limited visibility on the front-end (i.e., not knowing when the user will arrive at the product) and limited visibility on the back-end (i.e., not knowing whether the user got the intended value from the product).

In this session, we will discuss a playbook for managing infrequent products.

About Vivek Kumar
As an executive product leader, I love building and growing infrequent consumer products and high-performing teams that have impacted millions of users.

I am currently VP Products at PropertyGuru group. Previously I used to lead and manage products at Intuit (TurboTax), PayPal, and Amazon.

Beyond my work, I’m passionate about the vision of raising the next generation of product leaders, change-makers, and problem solvers. I have trained close to 1000 product managers across Asia over the last 10 years.

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