ProductTank Sofia: define & validate a product strategy without building a thing

The product landscape is now hyper-competitive. There are 10x more websites & apps than there were just 10 years ago. That means you can’t just build an MVP and expect it to be used. Modern users demand better.

That’s where the Minimal Viable Offer comes in. Products fail because they fail to escape competition.

In this talk, I will outline how you can escape competition by validating whether your product is uniquely valuable BEFORE building a thing, as well as discussing why this is an essential skill for all aspiring product leaders.

This is a process we have taught hundreds of PMs to use – many even generating revenue from an idea within 2-3 weeks & with zero cost.
And a process we’ll be compacting into this hands-on, actionable talk.

About the Speaker

I’m Henry Latham, founder of Prod MBA.

For the last 9 years, I’ve been obsessed with understanding why some products succeed, whilst others fail.

I have worked as a product consultant & founder, across 3 continents, trying to find an answer, even publishing a book last year on the topic, titled Product Leadership Starts With You.

I now mentor & teach Product Managers/Owners to accelerate their path to Head of Product with a hands-on, 8-week, part-time training program to build a real product from scratch.

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