ProductTank San Francisco: How PM’s Can Work Effectively with Designers


How PM’s Can Work Effectively with Designers

Design and product are often pitted against one another as competing interests. In this edition of ProductTank SF, we will be joined by two product and design leaders, Audrey Crane and Yuhki Yamashita, who will share with us about how PM’s can collaborate with designers to empower their teams, products, and organizations.

Please note this event is will be VIRTUAL.


What Product Managers Need to Know About Design by Audrey Crane

Many business leaders outside of product and design don’t understand the full role of design in building amazing products, and underestimate the ROI on engaging designers. From her experience as a designer and product strategist, Audrey will be providing actionable tips for PMs to pro-actively involve, leverage, and lead designers.

Working with Designers: A PM’s Guide by Yuhki Yamashita

Yuhki is going to talk about navigating PM-designer relationships and share his tips for effective collaboration with designers. He’ll tell us about how to provide critical feedback and help designers explore and ideate. He’ll also debunk the common mistakes that PMs make when getting involved in design from his experience as a PM at Uber, Google, and Microsoft.


Audrey Crane, Partner at DesignMap

Audrey Crane is currently a Partner at DesignMap where she provides strategic, design, and research support to clients like Aetna, RSA, and eBay, among others. Unless you count that computer program Audrey wrote on a TRS-80 when she was 5, she started her tech career at Netscape, with luminaries like Hugh Dubberly, Ben Horowitz, and Marty Cagan. She recently published her book, “What CEOs Need to Know About Design”, to help business leaders unlock the power of design.

Yuhki Yamashita, VP of Product at Figma

Yuhki Yamashita is the VP of Product at Figma, where he’s responsible for the Product Management, Design, and Research teams. Before joining Figma, he was a at Uber for over 4 years, where he led the redesign of both the rider and driver apps as a Product Manager. He also spent time as a designer working on Uber’s bike and scooter initiatives. Prior to Uber Yuhki was Product Manager at Google working on their Youtube platform, and also a Program Manager at Microsoft.

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