ProductTank Rotterdam: Virtual kick-off event

The ProductTank has expanded and has now launched its new series in Rotterdam!

During this first, online event, we will have the opportunity to discuss Product Management and understand how we can stay lean while managing a growing product.

Intro to Product Management by Stephen Culligan

Product management may not have a unified definition, however the career ladder and the product development lifecycle have been very well defined. For those who are still trying to get their foot in product management, want to understand what the PMLC entails, or even get some tips on how to become a better Product Manager, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss out.

Stephen Culligan is currently Head of Product at Glofox and EMEA ProductTank Coordinator. He has an extensive experience in product management, and has been part of big companies such as Accenture, Pivotal Labs, and Escher Group. He has also served as a mentor for startups.

How to stay lean while managing a growing product by Janna Bastow

It’s a common struggle to find the balance between scaling up your product while maintaining the agility the digital ecosystem requires today. Who’s better to share their insights than Janna Bastow who has founded a successful company that is gaining significant momentum while maintaining the ability to address the ever evolving needs of product managers.

Janna Bastow is the co-founder of ProdPad and Mind the Product. As a product manager herself, she was on the look for tools that are going to make her work easier. That’s why she ended up founding ProdPad. Next to that, Janna works with other companies as a trainer and mentor, helping them understand how to build and learn while keeping their budget low.

Janna has also co-founded the international product management community Mind The Product and its respective series of events for product managers.


17:30 Virtual ProductTank Rotterdam kickoff

17:35- 17:45 Introduction Mind The Product

17:45- 18:30 Product Management by Stephen Culligan – Head of Glofox and EME ProductTank coordinator (incl. Q&A)

18:30 – 19:15 How to stay lean while managing a maturing product line by Janna Bastow, co-founder ProductPad and Mind the Product (incl. Q&A)

19:15 End of event

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