ProductTank Rotterdam | Killing product features

ProductTank Rotterdam is back to discuss a topic that is often forgotten when building products – killing product features.

For this panel conversation we have invited professionals to share their expertise and guidance around the topic.

About the panel

Christina Gkofa – Head of Product: Buyer Experience at METRO markets

Born in Greece with a Bachelor’s in Business Studies, Marketing from the University of Sheffield and eternal degree in managing chaos, growth and change. What keeps her awake at night and going through the day is tinkering to find the right mix for creating products that solve people’s problems in a meaningful way. Dove into the tech and online industry since 2014 and her curiosity for products and tech has since grown into a passion with experiences from Trivago, StepStone and Metro Markets.

Currently mentoring and working with highly driven product managers on a daily basis towards shaping a dynamic martketplace, tailored to our customers’ needs. Throughout the multiple strategic initiatives, she has been involved in the past years, her areas of expertise include great UX, website conversion, A/B testing, retention and personalization.

Gabriele Sabadini – Head of Product Management at TUI

When I was 12, I fell in love with my first HTML website thanks to GeoCities free webpages and since then I have always been investigating how people craft together to create amazing digital products.

All through my career, I have had the privilege to collaborate with awesome people in engineering, product, ux, design, marketing, sales, finance… all focused on delighting the end customer in different industry, from NGOs to Marketplaces, from startups to scale-ups & big corporations.

Today I focus on management, empowering product managers working with me to express themselves at their best. Or die tryin’.

Keji Adedeji – Head of Product at Talis

Keji is Head of Product at Talis, an edTech company focused on helping universities, faculty and students teach and learn with digital resources. She’s been in tech for a long time, but like most product people, found a round about way to product management which she’s been doing for about 8 years.

Her experience has taken her to B2B, B2B2C and B2C organizations in edTech, customer engagement, travel eCommerce, video consumer insights industries, and she loves solving problems in different contexts.

Her latest challenge is as a Head of Product, where she’s passionate about building a product organization that helps product managers do their best work.

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