ProductTank Pune: Understanding the next 100M users in India

Join us for the next Producttank Pune meetup, where we would be answering on “Understanding the Next 100M Users In India”

As a product manager, you are faced with different challenges at the various scales of the organization. You could be either building for the first 10 million customers or for the next 100 million customers. The way you approach thinking about them should be extremely different.

The next 100 million customers will be very different from the existing 50 million customers, and hence companies must ‘Make for India’ which means taking into consideration various attributes about your consumers like comfort with vernacular languages, where they come from, their educational background, the locality, the capability to understand English as a language, the capacity to purchase.

As a product manager, you must unlearn and learn new frameworks and concepts to address the needs of the next 100 million customers.

Come join us where our speaker Akhil will help us understand how do you go about learning the next 100M users in India.

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