ProductTank Melbourne: Nicole Brolan / Xero & Josh Centner / PageUp

-Why your product strategy is falling on deaf ears-
Josh Centner – Head of Product and Delivery, PageUp

When executing a Product Strategy you will not be going alone, you will have your direct team who want to be inspired, dependent teams and stakeholders who want to be engaged, investors who want confidence you will succeed and finally customers who you want to be part of the journey.

So what actually works when it comes to creating and communicating Product Strategy effectively with your teams and customers? In this talk Josh will go over the components that make up a good strategy and how to turn the strategy into real behavioural change across an organisation or group of people you wish to influence.

The lessons from this talk can apply to you no matter what role you hold – we all have the responsibility to ensure the Product Strategy we are working towards is effective and we should all take it upon ourselves to ensure the people around us as either creators or recipients get it right.

About Josh:
Josh has spent the last 10 years knee-deep in the world of startups and innovation. Attempting his own startups and consulting to both small and large organisations intent on creating disruption for themselves and their industries. After working with over 20 different organisations Josh has deep insight into what does and doesn’t work when it comes to organisational transformation and product management.

-Influencing your way to creative product freedom-
Nicole Brolan – EGM, Xero Global Services

Often in Product, teams can struggle to break free of stakeholders wanting to determine what to build in the building & having preconceived ideas of how to solve customer problems. This limits people’s ability to go broad in exploring customer needs, truly ideating on solutions and running rapid experimentation. Usually, this is due to people not understanding the product process and not having trust in us and / or the process.
As someone who works closely with teams but also with senior stakeholders, I’ll talk you through what I’ve found to be most effective at building trust and influencing with stakeholders, to give product teams freedom in exploring a problem space.

About Nicole:
Nicole is currently an executive general manager for Xero of their global services, focusing on how they deliver a holistic, intuitive experience for Small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Prior to this, Nicole had been at SEEK for 15 years, with her two most recent roles being the Chief Product Officer – Candidate Products, Design and Analytics APAC for SEEK & running all of Product for the ANZ business. She is a passionate about building empowered teams who can identify customer needs and deliver on them in creative ways through ongoing experimentation. She led the rollout of OKRs & Continuous Discovery at SEEK, which are now used across all of Product and Tech.

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