ProductTank London – Uncovering problems whoever your customer might be

Deeply understanding your customers and their pain points is at the very core of building great products. But how do you relate to your customers if they and their needs are completely different from what you’ve seen before? We will review user research examples and methodologies from AI, risk and gaming to share learnings about getting to know your customers across different types of customers and problem spaces.

This event has been curated Miia Paavola, Product Manager at Pleo

Discovery is as long as a piece of string
Tanya Agarwal

Tanya will discuss starting discovery from scratch for an onboarding process and focus on the two main realms – user experience and regulatory obligations. Using examples, she will outline how her team married the two areas, the lessons they learned along the way and key takeaways.

Tanya has worked in tech industry for a number of years now and her experience mainly lies in Fintech, specifically user onboarding processes and productionising back-office operations. Finding a balance between user experience as well as adhering to regulations is something she finds fascinating. Tanya’s currently a Product Manager at Paddle, working on revolutionising the self-serve onboarding process as a means of product-led growth.

Researching customer problems in the AI world
Deepak Paramanand

Deepak will walk you through use cases in B2B and B2C. He’ll explain how he used a range of user research tools like surveys, double blind tests, focus groups and A/B tests to deeply understand and validate the problem spaces. AI solutions come with the challenge of building trust with the customers – Deepak will take you through how his team considered and tackled it.

Deepak Paramanand is a product management & AI executive with years experience across various companies and continents. Nowadays Deepak works at JP Morgan as the Director of AI Research and Product Management where he overlooks the research and engineering efforts to solve customer needs and problems. Previously he was at Microsoft as Senior Product Manager of the SwiftKey keyboard product where he shipped a first of its kind human facial expression recognition product on Android phones. Deepak has spoken at TEDx before and as well as delivered keynotes at large scale tech conferences.

”This is not intuitive”
Ricardo Ramos Lima

”This is not intuitive” is the phrase Ricardo has heard users say the most when developing user interfaces for games. It seems all-encompassing and self-explanatory, but whenever he tried to tackle the problem, Ricardo always ended up in the same place, asking himself: “Wait, what do they mean?” Ricardo has come up with a framework to help to avoid this experience and would like to share it with you.
What do our users mean when they say things? What about when they say nothing? How can we try to solve problems that user’s can’t quite describe, but for sure know are there? Ricardo will share his learnings, with examples in the hope that we all can get closer to answering these questions.

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